ExhibitSHOP by Exhibitstar
Everything you need for success at trade shows.


Coming soon! The ultimate trade show resource.

Imagine a place where everything you need for success at trade shows is available instantly. Every product and service, purchase or rental, for every location and venue in North America can be searched or browsed based on your location, schedule and budget. A place where you can connect seamlessly with thousands of qualified vendors to help you organize your trade show program in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. Its called ExhibitSHOP by Exhibitstar and its coming...this year!

Imagine a place where thousands of qualified buyers can easily access your trade show-related products and services. A place where setting up and managing your own online storefront is simple and easy, more cost-effective than magazine or comparable online advertising, and that brings real results. ExhibitSHOP by Exhibitstar can make all the difference and its coming...this year!